Thursday, January 12, 2017

Sailing in the Philippines

On my way to Surigao from Yap with my hitch hiker :)

 Nothing like sunsets on the ocean

Happy friends from Dumaguete

 Nasty squall
 calmer times
 Porters Marina, Cebu
 Somewhere near Leyte
 Approaching Ormoc

 Wifie :)
Approaching Dumaguete
 Anchored in Dumaguete

 Hanging out with friends
 One of the many ferries in the Philippines
 Going ashore somewhere south of Cebu
 Porters Marina, crappy docks but priced reasonable with very helpful staff.
Cebu Yacht Club. very expensive, crappy docks and no service, no club house, just restaurants that cater to the public. I would not advise going there.